Practical placements for students completing dual study courses

Are you interested in completing a dual programme of study and training in the specialist area of Mechanical Engineering? We offer you practical placements that are normally designed to last three years. During this time, you will gain a detailed insight into the areas of "design" and "development". The aim of these practical placements is to help you to achieve the officially recognised qualification of "Bachelor of Engineering".

Year-long internship alongside school/college education

If you attend a technical college or secondary school specialising in technology or business or a comparable educational institution, you can make the most of this internship, which can be completed alongside your studies. The internship lasts a total of one year, during which you will get to know all of the business areas at our company that are relevant to your area of expertise.n.

Thesis topics for graduates of academies of technology

From commissioning through to programming: as a graduate of an academy of technology, we can provide you with a variety of interesting topics and exciting tasks for your thesis.

Bachelor's and Master's dissertations

Are you a student of Electrical Engineering or Mechanical Engineering? We offer interesting topics for Bachelor’s and Master’s dissertations.

Work experience for school pupils

Are you a school pupil and would you like to work in a workshop? Work experience for school pupils at our company will give you the opportunity to learn about the tasks and activities carried out in an electrical and mechanical workshop.

Attend our Future Day

Are you a school pupil and do you want to get to know the jobs and activities involved in a modern industrial company? If so, sign up to attend our Future Day now! At this event, we will provide you with an insight into our company and give you the opportunity to gain initial practical experience at our workbench.

What´s new in our company?

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