Visualisation: interfaces/communication (iOS App)

Brief outline

Mobile presentation of product-related manufacturing and quality features.


Mobile scanning of DMCs (DataMatrix codes) in production to obtain local or quality characteristics. Each scan should provide a result, even in harsh production Environments e.g. if the DMCs are contaminated by lubricant.


By developing an iOS app, products can be scanned directly on-site and requested on the web server via the REST interface. Through the app, a filter can be set for each information, so that from a large batch of parts, the desired product can be found quickly. Among the information displayed on the smartphone include.
  • Material number
  • Serial number
  • Machine number on which the product was produced 
  • Timestamp of manufacture 
  • Manufacturer number 
  • and if the product is locked.
The time saved thereby can be clearly measured and the quality assurance of the products is guaranteed. 

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