Collaborative Robots

Integrate automation into production using collaborative robots
from Universal Robots.

UR – Easy. Flexible. Affordable.

With the user-friendly and modern robots UR3 / UR5 / UR10 and the e-Series UR3e / UR5e / UR10e / UR16e, Universal Robots has opened up completely new possibilities for effective production. The robots can be easily integrated into an existing production environment. 

The robots arms achieve a high degree of flexibility through six joints that control the movements of the human arm. The working radius and the payload differ depending on the model. The integrated security settings also enable collaborative work. UR robots are suitable for many applications and are particularly economical to purchase.

Our portfolio

Glaub is a contractual partner of Universal Robotsin Germany. This allows us to deliver and integrate all UR products. As an experienced system integrator for automation, we are development and service partners for a wide variety of production companies. With the partnership with Universal Robots, we can also competently serve a wide range of automation and decisively round off our range of services in the direction of SMEs.

Best practice solutions

Our performances

Advice and needs assessment

Simulation & feasibility studies

Integration into existing or new manufacturing environments

Training and commissioning on site

The Cobots from Universal Robots

We are integrating UR3, UR5, UR10 and e-Series UR3e, UR5e, UR10e, UR16e


  • Perfect for almost any use

    • component assembly
    • pick & place
    • application of self-adhesive & viscous media
    • dispensing & bonding
    • palletizing & stacking
    • screwing
    • testing & checking
    • drilling
    • and much more
  • Load capacity up to 16 kg

  • space-saving and extremely manoeuvrable

  • flexibel einsetzbar und für viele Anwendungen geeignet

  • easy handling throug graphical user interface

  • no special previous knowledge required

GLAUB partners – together to the goal

We guarantee our customers the best quality and reliability. Therefore Universal Robots works specifically with strong partners. As the official Certified System Integrator of Universal Robots, we can bundle our competencies even better and provide our customers with a comprehensive range of the latest technologies, developments and services.

Industries & applications

Plastics technology
Electrical & household appliance technology
Medicine technology & Healthcare
Suitable for many industries

Your contact persons

Niku Krieter

Coordinator Mechanical Engineering

Babett Slavicek

Internal Sales & Marketing

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