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Control cabinet construction & Components

Control cabinet construction and component production for control technology – from batch size one to series production.

Distribute energy. Control and digitize systems.

As inconspicuous and unspectacular as control cabinet may be – here applies “true values come from within”. We supply systems with all the necessary functions and media, from energy supply to control and data connection.

In our own electrical construction and with the help of our production, you receive solutions from a single source. We ensure the effective and DIN-compliant construction and wiring of control cabinets for a wide variety of requirements and industries.

Our performances

Electrical design & manufacturing
  • support with control cabinet planning and construction, according to individual requirements and specifications

  • planning, project planning and documentation with powerful CAE software such as EPlan P8 (current version) and the other programs on request

  • connection to various CAD systems

  • transfer of DXF formats and EPLAN ProPanel

  • Planning and procurement of configured terminal strips

    • Creation with project complete planning (Phoenix tool)
  • independent material procurement, also provision by customers possible

  • wiring, connection to the internet and use of various PLC controls

  • individual production of control cabinets from batch size 1

  • processing of compact and large control

  • automated control cabinet processing with 3-axis CNC processing center

Examination of the systems according to legal requirements
  • electrical testing in our own test field

  • tests can be carried out by your own CE representatives

  • test and measurement reports in accordance with valid DIN standards

  • functional testing of assemblies and switchgear

  • type plates and individual lettering according to customer requirements

  • customized packaging

Power distributions

Control and switch cabinets
  • PLC cabinets

  • PC cabinets

  • air conditioned and water cooled control cabinets and much more

Data cabinets

Control and communication columns


Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe


Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe


Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe

| Industries & applications

industry-independent, flexibly adaptable

Our specialists

Electrical engineers

Constructors electrical planning

Technical draftsman

Technician automation technology

Automation engineer / -technician

Mechatronics engineer

Electrical fitters

Mechanical fitters

Electrician with additional PLC qualification