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Robots for small parts assembly

How to get started with the automation of component assembly in electronics production with the ABB YuMi.

YuMi | Security redefined. Maximum flexibility.

The compact single arm YUMI is a real lightweight and can be flexibly mounted in any position.

As an integrator, we help you determine your needs in order to meet the requirements of fully flexible production, for example in the electronics industry to meet.

YUMI has enormous potential for manufactures in human-robot collaboration in assembly small components opened up. It´s the first two arm robot specially designed for small parts assembly – inherently safe and extremely accurate. Due to its seven degrees of freedom, human-like movement is possible on a confined space. YUMI don´t need more space to work than a human.

Our portfolio

Benefit from our many years of experience in the field of automation. As a specialist in system integration, we analyze your current production processes and check the technical feasibility according to your application requirements.


    Best practice solutions

    Our performances

    • Advice and needs assessment

    • Simulation & feasibility studies

    • Integration into existing or new manufacturing environments

    • Training and commissioning on site


    • Perfect for use in small parts assembly and electronics production

      • component assembly
      • small parts assembly
      • pick & place
      • dispensing & bonding
      • palletizing & stacking
      • screwing
      • testing & checking
      • and much more
    • 7 axes per arm

    • Basic programming is intuitive

    • Nominal load / safe working load  500 g/arm

    The Cobots from ABB

    PCB assembly with GL-THTeasy

    PCB assembly with GL-THTeasy

    ABB YuMi

    YuMi IRB 14000

    Single-arm YuMi

    YuMi IRB 14050

    We integrate ABB YuMi and Single-arm YuMi

    GLAUB partners – together to the goal

    We guarantee our customers the best quality and reliability. Glaub therefore works specifically with strong partners. By bundling our competencies, you have a comprehensive range of the latest technologies, developments and services at your disposal.

    Industries & applications

    Small parts assembly
    Electrical & household appliance technology
    Automotive & supplier industry
    Medicine technology & Healthcare
    Toy industry

    Your contact persons

    Niku Krieter

    Coordinator Mechanical Engineering