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Robot accessories

QuickLock – functional accessories and quick-change system for lightweight robots from the world market leader Universal Robots.

Increase flexibility and effectiveness.

With functional accessories, workflows can be designed more smoothly and efficiencies can be increased. Important indicators such as flexibility and mobility are playing an increasingly important role in production planning. They have become an indispensable part of partially automated production lines, especially in small parts production.

Individual solutions for robotic applications are also in demand in many industrial sectors. With RoboFlex and QuickLock you can react quickly and flexibly to changing production needs and processes.

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QuickLock is the perfectly fitting and dimensionally stable addition to the robot station. With the quick change system, robots and locations can be changed quickly. It also ensures that the robot arm is held securely and can be used optimally wherever flexibility in the workplace is required and e.g. B. should be switched between robot and employee.

QuickLock – Basic holder

Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe

Insert Robot in the basic holder

Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe

Basic holder with plate for robot foot

Quelle: GLAUB Unternehmensgruppe


  • tool-free quick change system for LWR/HRC robots

  • suitable for various assembly positions

  • flexible location LWR/HRC solution

  • very easy to use

  • corrosion-resistant & operationally reliable


Our robot trolley is a mobile robot platform that meets all the criteria of a practical LWR / HRC solution.

You can find the technical details in the PDF-Download.


  • mobile robot station

  • flexible location LWR/HRC solution

  • universally suitable for many LWR/HRC variants

  • very easy hindling with high stability and easy running rollers