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Segment conveyor belt

Material flow and workpiece transport in the assembly and manufacturing process – we design, optimize and automate your production system.

Connect work steps. Ensure flexibility. Increase efficiency.

The backbone of every assembly and manufacturing process is the material flow and workpiece transport. Increasing product variance and decreasing production lot sizes are increasingly demanding versatility of manufacturing facilities.

Through our many years of experience in the areas of automation and system interlinking we know exactly what our customers need and can be very flexible to react on customer requests.

Our products

Segment conveyor belt – 2 segments
Segment conveyor belt – 4 segments


The advantages of our segment conveyor belts are obvious. The compact and very flat design of the belts enables optimal and flexible integration into existing systems and guarantees the torsion-resistant structure.

  • belt conveyor

  • horizontal feeding of light transport goods

  • for goods that cannot be stowed, such as blisters, trays, etc. 

  • Lenght of the individual segments

    • 270 mm center distance (total length 320 mm)
    • up to 1500 mm center distance (total length 1550 mm)
  • belts widths of 260 mm to 370 mm (total sidths 315 mm to 425 mm)

  • ESD version possible

  • one light barrier per belt segment

  • protection against interference between the belt segments

  • reversing operation possible