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MES Support

Need help in getting your MES up and running? Want to add new equipment or process, integrate existing software or just keep it up to date?

Master complexity in production. Without headaches.

Our service for you

Best-practice examples

Our services

Control technology / Traceability / MES

Consulting and design of MES solutions such as
  • Order management

  • Detail planning and control

  • Recource management

  • Material management

  • Energy management

  • Data acquisition

  • Performance analysis

  • Information management

  • Quality management

  • Maintenance management

Installation and configuration

Roll-out of modules und service packs

Service / Troubleshooting (remote & on site)

Supported MES software

  • Bosch Promaster

Do you need help with another system? Get in touch, we are always eager to learn more!

Branch of industries

Programing and support in numerous industries

Household appliances
Handling and robotics
Medical devices and healthcare
Special machinery

Our specialists

Automation engineer /-technician

Software developer manufacturing informatics

Equipment programers

Database administrators