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Software Development

Digitization is finding its way into production – development of industrial apps for simulation, visualization and system operation via smartphone or tablet.

Desktop- & mobile solutions for industy

Glaub apps and desktop solutions are developed for the control and monitoring of machines and systems, according to the needs of our customers. Our apps build on the experiences of the users in everyday life – and thus the intuitive operation through gestures such as swiping, dragging and tapping.

This learned routine behavior, on the one hand, significantly reduces the training effort for employees when introducing apps. On the other hand, the use of such apps creates freedom and ensures more productivity and happier employees.

Examples of

Funktions and diverse applications

Augmented Reality

Push notifications (in error case)

Service / for example accessing product-specific quality and test data

Plant-specific evaluations


Plant operation


Best-practice examples

Application examples: industral apps

Branch of industries

not industry specific, flexibly adaptable

Our specialists

Software- & App developer

Automation engineer / – technician