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Circuit board assembly
with GL-THTeasy

The GL-THTeasy robot cell automates your circuit board production – integration is easy!

In electronics manufacturing, SMT, soldering and AOI have long been automated in most companies. The through-hole assembly of wired components such as  capacitors, power coils or connectors is done by hand. This step doesn’t only mean quality risks, but also disproportionately high costs. What was always difficult for conventional systems because of the high variability in component feeding is now very easy for the GL-THTeasy robot cell with its advanced camera system. Do you want to know how we can optimize your electronics production?


Blister? Bulk material? Easy.

Thanks to the automatic localisation and picking of components with the 3D cameras, components can be supplied in blisters or vibration feeders.

Integration in manual workplaces? Easy.

We can flexibly adapt GL-THTeasy to existing production lines.

New assembly patterns? Easy.

Using the camera images, you can easily generate a new placement pattern. You don’t have to program.

Cycle time? 3 sec.

The two arms of the ABB YuMi work in parallel around the clock, without breaks.

Depending on the components and the feeding, the cycle time can be less than 3 seconds.

Inaccuracies in the process? Easy.

With the 100% absolute measurement of components and circuit boards, GL-THTeasy compensates for any inaccuracy in the workpiece carriers and conveyor belts. Inaccurate components are sorted out.

Payback time? <2 years

For our first customer, the payback period is around 14 months. How long would that be for your project?

We are happy to calculate this for free!

Expert knowsledge for you!

Would you like to know more about the functionality and financing options of the Glaub robot station GL-THTeasy? In our whitepaper you will learn which problems GL-THTeasy can solve and which aspects you should take into account if you want to automate odd-form component placement.

Please contact us. Simply fill out here & recieve the current whitepaper by email.

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